How many times have you looked at a website and been unable to see what you wanted from the product photos?  If so, does it put you off purchasing from that site? If it does, you’re not alone. Now consider your own site’s photography. Are you really showing your products off to their best advantages? You may know the quality of your products, but without quality e-commerce photography you could be driving business to your competitors because that quality is not communicated well enough to those that visit your site.

Many online businesses do not have the benefit of a physical store to do the work for them, and consumers that search online will often want to buy online too. Your photographs are therefore your shop front, so they must show your product in its best light so your customer knows exactly what they’ll be getting.

The benefits of professional photography

While iPhones can do a lot these days, they can’t bring you all of the benefits that a good eCommerce photographer can when it comes to providing the best images of your products. Here at  Cliik Studios, we help clients understand the power behind a product photo, by providing quality images that sell your products for you. 

They know what works

An experienced e-commerce photographer works with many product types and understands the shopping experience buyers are looking for. They have the expertise to make each photo tell the product story. 

They use quality equipment that gets results

As well as their knowledge and experience, you will benefit from the use of equipment, lighting and backdrops that perfectly combine to get the most out of your product image.  

Pre and Post Production

Professional product photographs know that setting up the shot properly will contribute to the end result. As well as cleaning the products, checking lighting and taking test shots, they’ll make sure they assess the best angles to show your products off. When it comes to post-production, they’ll carefully clean up the images so they’re ready to go, in the format you need them for.

One Image Or Many

Whether you’re looking to have one photo for one product, or a range of shots for a batch of products, using a professional eCommerce photographer means each and every shot is planned and executed in a professional manner, ensuring your photos present a professional image at all times.

If you’re looking for assistance with eCommerce photography, why not let us assist you. Our professional photographers are sure to inspire excitement and trust in your company, which could lead to a significant uptick in sales.