Creating a professional and credible image for your business is something you’ll already know is important. After all, the way others see your products and services can mean the difference between them buying from you or looking elsewhere.

When it comes to budgeting for your business, photography is one area that most definitely should not be overlooked.  Consider the businesses we choose to buy from; chances are it will be those with striking imagery, the kind that makes you want to know more or looks so good you simply must buy. This is what you should look at when considering how much you need to set aside for product photography.

We buy with our eyes

We are more likely to buy an item we can see. No photo often means no sale, as, despite a good product description, words are often not enough. The importance of structured product images, great lighting and accessories will draw attention more successfully than a quick snap or stock image.  You need to be unique and special, something which many business photos do not convey.  The ability to photograph items at their best is a talent worth paying for, and cost can quickly be recouped through increased sales.

Professionals, such as our team at Cliik Studios, understand techniques such as 360° spin photography, and have the knowledge and experience to create an image that captures your product, speaks your business story and shows your customer exactly what they want, will lead to more sales for you.

Content is king

Images are increasingly important, with photos being a powerful and versatile form of content. Therefore, spending money to create imagery that will be engaging to draw in customers is a must for any modern business with a vision for the future. First engagements with a business will often be through a website or social media or from images they see in advertising. Imagine the power of the perfect image created just for your business.

Whether it is clothing, food, gadgets or gizmos, using a professional photographer will not only ensure that our business looks professional, but it will also give a unique spin on your items that will help build brand awareness, build customer recognition and speak loudly to potential customers.

Want to know more?

Here at Cliik Studios our team of highly experienced professional photographers are fully qualified members of the Master photographers Association and work with large and small clients including many household names. Why not contact us and see how we can give your business the professional but cost-effective visual boost it deserves?