Fashion photography needs to be thought of as separate from straight-forward apparel photography, which is concerned with images just of the products themselves. On a fashion shoot, much more comes into play. Models, lighting and setting all have to be taken into account.

For fashion brands, in particular, there are many advantages to using a photography studio. Here are some of them:

You have complete control over the elements

There is no worrying about rain or wind on a shoot, which could affect the clothes, makeup and hair of the models and the photographic equipment. Equally, if it’s too sunny outside, the harsh sunlight and its shadows can be hard to battle with


There’ll be no trekking to some distant location, plus the studio will have all the items and equipment you need for your fashion shoot right there on site. A studio session is generally quick and efficient and more cost effective when it comes to price per product. With the right models and set-up, we can shoot between 80-90 garments in a day.

A choice of backdrops

Just because you’re doing away with the great outdoors, that doesn’t mean ditching a great background for your fashion shoot. Choose from different backdrops with a variety of textures, colours or scenery to get the look you’re after. Our studio has a plethora of backdrops, from Colorama papers, exposed brick walls and a variety of purpose-built sets.

Control over lighting

Lighting can change all the time on an outdoor shoot. Shooting in a studio gives you total control over every aspect of the lighting, from soft tones to sharp shadows and dark & moody to light & bright. You also have the option of backlighting backdrops for very different looks.

Finally, the subjects are likely to feel more relaxed and at ease with themselves, especially in such a hassle-free location and if you are using models who are already accustomed to working in a photography studio the end result is professional and high-quality.

At Cliik Studios, we have extensive experience of outdoor & indoor shoots for fashion brands. If you have a photography project brewing, we’d love to talk. We’ve together a small selection of shots we’ve taken for fashion brands over the years… We hope you like them!!!