We often hear stories of someone who has bought something ‘sight unseen’ and they usually don’t turn out well. Either the seller was deceptive, or they elaborated quite heavily about the item which, in their eyes, was perfect in every way. While this rarely happens in the online retail world where new products are bought and sold, we still like to see a photo of the products we are buying, before we let go of our money.

As eCommerce business owners, we already know this about our customers and we go to great lengths to display our products as accurately as possible online. But did you also know that a large percentage of customers have already decided on a purchase after seeing images of that product? Many customers only read the description to be sure that the product they are looking at is indeed the product they need.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the reasons product photography can increase your sales and why you should choose a Manchester photography studio for all of your commercial photography needs.

5 Reasons Product Photography Increases Conversions

Product Photography Offers Detailed Views- customers want to see your product from every angle and if your company offers more photos than your competitors, customers will be more likely to purchase from you.

Product Photography Let’s You Avoid Stock Photos- stock photos from product manufacturers don’t always represent the product very well and that can lose sales. Hiring a Manchester photography studio to professionally photograph your products will make them look more enticing your customers.

Product Photography Provides Context- context is important and showing your products being used as they were intended can mean the difference between a sale or no sale. Product photography can show your products in context and attract more buyers.

Product Photography Lets You Add Product Images To Site Search- studies show that search engine results with accompanying images are much more effective than results without images.

Product Photography Draws Attention To Products- in the eCommerce world, getting your products noticed can be challenging. Professional commercial product photography can draw attention to your products and get them noticed by more potential customers.

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