While there are many online tutorials which promise to make you a better photographer or that have the ‘secret’ to better photos, many of them are nothing more than an overly complicated idea based on the basic principles of photography. With that being said, this article is nothing like that, we promise. Instead, we are going to take a more direct approach to helping you improve your product photography by keeping it is as simple as possible.


Improving your product photography has less to do with your equipment and more to do with what’s in your frame. We often get so wrapped up in our own creativity and what we have been taught, that we forget to take a step back and see what is right in front of us. The image in our frame could become so crowded with all of the ‘extras’ that the product itself becomes drowned out.

Less Is More Powerful

This is where taking a minimalist approach to our product photography. By creating more with less, we can take our product photography to the next level and help our clients sell more products. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of minimalism when it comes to product photography:

The Benefits Of Minimalism In Product Photography

Minimalism Evokes Curiosity- using a minimalist technique in your product photography will create curiosity in the viewer and they take a second look as they begin to see the product itself and details they might have missed before.

Minimalism Takes Advantage Of Available Light- even if the lighting is not ideal, minimalist photography techniques can take advantage of the available lighting. Creating a usable, interesting shot.

Minimalism Helps You Concentrate on the Subject- by eliminating or minimising as much as possible in the frame, you make the viewer concentrate more on the product itself and less on the background. Studies show that this often leads to increased product sales of the product being photographed.

Minimalism Balances A Photograph- everything in the photo has a visual weight. The more objects in the photo, the less visual weight the actual product has. Reduce the amount of objects in the photo and give your product more significance.

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