If you’ve ever tried to take a decent photograph on your smartphone or camera, you’ll know that it’s very difficult to replicate the effects that you’d get in a photography studio. Yes, a range of factors come into play when setting up that perfect shot – not least, professional skill and experience – but one of the primary ingredients for a great shot is the right lighting.

Lighting Equipment

When you come into a professional photography studio, you’ll notice that there is a range of lighting equipment. This equipment is purposely designed to be able to control the effects of the lighting. Powerful flash heads along with lighting modifiers are used to control the spread of light, soften the light to reduce shadows or sharpen the light to create them. Most professional lighting will also have a super-fast flash duration which can freeze an action shot.

Studio Lighting

Investment in Studio Lighting

Not only does your photographer need to invest in a wide range of studio lights and other types of equipment, but he or she must know how to set them expertly for the best finish. This involves understanding what sort of shot the client wants, what props are being used, the subjects themselves and the purpose of the shoot. Only then can the photographer set up the lighting perfectly and adjust it throughout the shoot to create a variety of finishes and atmospheres.

We have a huge range of photographic lighting and other equipment of the finest quality. We invest in the best possible studio lighting to ensure our clients will be truly delighted with the results of their shoot. Come and visit us to get a sense of what we can do for you, and to see examples of our other portfolio work to help stimulate ideas and creativity for your own session!