At Cliick Studios, we were delighted to complete a recent photography shoot for a company called Tibards – a Cheshire-based company who provide of a great range of work-wear and uniform services for the hospitality sector.

Our photographic work for this client included 360⁰ product spins, as we knew this would be the perfect way of to display what Tibards offers from all angles (at the same time, we shot a great range of behind the scenes images to be able to offer the client some variety.)

To complete this shoot, we also took a number of ‘invisible mannequin’ images of the company’s aprons.

This was a pretty challenging, complex and unique project – but we’re confident we rose well to the challenge!

360⁰ Product Photography

The 360⁰ image pictured shows a medium-length, brown leather-style kitchen apron from the front and back, so that the front of the apron and the crossed straps at the back can be seen in detail. Equally, the ‘invisible mannequin’ style means that the viewer focuses on the product rather than the model. At the same time, the clothes in the background, a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, were kept deliberately low-key and unobtrusive so that attention stayed with the apron. A magnifier allows the apron to be viewed in close up.

Tibards has a proud history of providing uniforms to the British hospitality sector, especially for chefs and other kitchen and restaurant staff to wear, and the company’s products come from a number of leading brands.

We were delighted with the end result, as were the client. We’re confident we showed what Tibards offers in a compelling and effective yet simple way.

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