360⁰ Product Photography

How Product Photography Can Help Your Website/Social Media Pages

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Research shows that consumers form a first impression of a business website or special media page within the first 50 milliseconds of clicking on them. What’s more, specialised eye tracking software shows that it is the images they notice first. This means that your customers’ first impression rests solely on the quality of your images.

Recent Photography Shoot for Tibards

By |2020-10-12T11:09:47+01:00December 10th, 2019|360⁰ Product Photography|

At Cliick Studios, we were delighted to complete a recent photography shoot for a company called Tibards - a Cheshire-based company who provide of a great range of work-wear and uniform services for the hospitality sector. Our photographic work for this client included 360⁰ product spins, as we knew this would be the perfect way