You have no doubt already spent a lot of time, effort and budget into organising your upcoming conference. From important speakers to refreshments, room hire to travel arrangements, a conference can involve a lot of work. It’s crucial that you don’t miss out on one extra aspect of the day; conference photography!

Conference photography can perfectly capture the day, from making important speeches to networking and socialising. It’s absolutely worth investing in for your upcoming conference, but for what reasons?

Branded content

Having conference photography taking place during your event can provide you with a wealth of branded content to tell people who you are and what you do. Creating fresh photography gives you a chance to put something new in your newsletters or share over social media.

Whatever your conference is about, capture the moment and show off your business’ ability to organise a great event. It can also serve a secondary purpose to create some extra advertising for your business name or logo, as it will no doubt be featured throughout the photographs at the conference!

Capture important moments

Your conference may be taking place to showcase some important company news, inviting key speakers to hold a talk or to provide training for staff. Whatever the reason, it could be so important to capture those moments.

From big industry names stood behind a podium to local businesses coming together, having a conference photographer on the scene could make sure any pivotal moments are documented. Even if it’s just showcasing your staff doing what they do best, it’s always worth having a great picture to prove it!

Professional service

Above all else, investing in conference photography means you’ll receive a professional service. While the latest smartphones might have great cameras, they can’t beat professional equipment designed specifically for events like conferences.

Even in a busy room with people constantly moving, we can capture brilliant shots and with minimal disruption to your guests, speakers or other attendees. What’s more, we ensure we understand your needs perfectly before we get to the event, so we can arrive knowing exactly what is expected. This leaves you to be in the moment and enjoy the conference, without having to worry about us!

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