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Recent Photography Shoot for Tibards

By |2020-10-12T11:09:47+01:00December 10th, 2019|360⁰ Product Photography|

At Cliick Studios, we were delighted to complete a recent photography shoot for a company called Tibards - a Cheshire-based company who provide of a great range of work-wear and uniform services for the hospitality sector. Our photographic work for this client included 360⁰ product spins, as we knew this would be the perfect way

The Importance of Photography in Marketing

By |2019-01-11T17:03:54+00:00January 11th, 2019|Marketing|

Whatever your business, the power of photography in marketing can make all the difference. The use of photos in marketing is more important than ever before, especially when it comes to standing out from the competition. Recently there have been some interesting statistics around to back this up. Did you know that: - Articles with

Product Photography Services in Manchester

By |2020-03-19T15:32:22+00:00January 8th, 2019|Studio Photography|

Are you looking for Product Photography Services in Manchester? With more than 10 years' experience shooting all kinds of subjects, our select team of professional photographers has what it takes to make your product look its absolute best! This is where we come in... Cliik Studios is all about making a

The Benefits Of Studio Photography For Fashion Brands

By |2018-11-28T14:27:43+00:00November 28th, 2018|Model Clothing|

Fashion photography needs to be thought of as separate from straight-forward apparel photography, which is concerned with images just of the products themselves. On a fashion shoot, much more comes into play. Models, lighting and setting all have to be taken into account. For fashion brands, in particular, there are many advantages to using a

How To Choose The Right Studio Photographer

By |2018-11-16T12:00:50+00:00November 8th, 2018|Studio Photography|

When you're looking for the right studio photographer, it's important to weigh up the most important factors that will guide your decision. After all, the investment of your time and money deserves a great result! With that in mind, here are the main things to take into consideration. 1. Quality of the photography Yes, it's